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Remote Moderated Usability Testing:
Mini-course and Templates

Learn how to plan, schedule, facilitate and document remote moderated usability tests using our templates

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  • 20 Chapters and videos
  • 17 Templates & checklists
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We've outlined each step in the process for planning, scheduling, conducting, analyzing and documenting a remote moderated usability study.

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Patrick Jones - Course author

Karen Passmore

Chief Executive Officer, Predictive UX
When it came time for Jenna to attend school, she was automatically assigned to the public school nearest her home in the Bronx. She attended every school in the New York City public school system, from elementary school through high school graduation. She credits her success in school to the educational opportunities she had in the public school system. In her adult life, Jenna has worked to ensure that other children have the same opportunities she had in school, and has made it her life’s mission to improve the public school system.